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  1. But he did a great job engineering that deal with Delta.
  2. Either way, the cuts would stagger academic science and engineering.
  3. One engineering modification was necessary to the success of the tunnel.
  4. In electrical engineering, I wrote some of the fundamental textbooks.
  5. Career Connections : engineering, manufacturing, marketing and computer jobs.
  6. It's difficult to find engineering in a sentence.
  7. David Mirilovich, 38, had gone to an engineering seminar.
  8. He had been Opel's executive director of product engineering.
  9. Losh also said GM's engineering costs remained too high.
  10. He later bolstered his engineering credentials with an MBA from Harvard.
  11. Studies included architecture, mechanical engineering, aviation and computer science.
  12. Work, which began in 1990, posed major engineering challenges.
  13. INSIDE TRACK : For great engineering, go with the Acura.
  14. This technology will be developed by the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory.
  15. Then Price added a caveat : he wanted an engineering report.
  16. Mazda, like Chrysler, has a reputation for engineering expertise.
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