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  1. Standard engineering methods are not always sufficient when comparing like with like.
  2. Software engineering methods can be considered to vary from predictive through adaptive.
  3. He also conducted sophisticated tests and developed engineering methods for water turbine design.
  4. Koen is a nuclear engineer, author, and innovator in engineering methods and education.
  5. ARCADIA is a structured engineering method to identify and check the architecture of complex systems.
  6. It's difficult to find engineering methods in a sentence.
  7. Agrobacteria are natural plant parasites, and their natural ability to transfer genes provides another engineering method.
  8. During the construction of the extension tunnel Oktyabrskoe Pole  Shchukinskaya a new engineering method was developed.
  9. This result is derived in from an analysis of the system dynamics using standard control engineering methods.
  10. The Transition Engineering method involves 7 steps to help engineers develop projects to deal with changing unsustainable activities.
  11. The human body, as a biological machine, has many functions that can be modeled using engineering methods.
  12. A sunshade is of particular interest as a climate engineering method for mitigating global warming through solar radiation management.
  13. The goal of biomedical engineering is to integrate basic biology along with the advanced quantitative and analytical engineering methods.
  14. Jack Muth, with an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering and was interested in applying engineering methods in economics.
  15. However, architectural and engineering methods in timber construction pioneered by Waugh Thistleton and Techniker are now accepted internationally.
  16. Engineering methods, technique and architectural forms, used by Solari, were reminiscent of the fortifications of Northern Italy.
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