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  1. Ultimate strength is an engineering measure of the maximum load a part of a specific material and geometry can withstand.
  2. Engineering measures were instituted in the early 18th century, and the central part of the city was flooded by only 130 150 cm.
  3. A variety of engineering measures were employed to the old warhorse B-body platform to reduce weight, improve reliability, and modernize components.
  4. Since the completion of the 1942 reconstruction, its special design has compensated for slipping movements, which cannot be eliminated, even by modern engineering measures.
  5. He also devised quantiative engineering measures of determing the bearing capacity for frozen lakes, specifically the frozen Lake Z黵ich, or " Seegfr鰎ni " in 1963.
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  7. At the institute, scientists in the areas of biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, mathematics, computational science and engineering measure, modify and manipulate the building blocks of our world  atoms and molecules.
  8. Since most such organizations have a strong competitive incentive to retain an exclusive access to these data, and since customer trust is usually a high priority, most companies take some security engineering measures to protect customer privacy.
  9. The value of engineering measures is commonly expressed in terms of a  first year rate of return, where the value of crash savings up to one year after the introduction of measures is compared with the cost of the treatment.
  10. All of these acts can be seen as preparatory to the fighting of the flood, as this was an effort requiring extraordinary levels of synchronized and coordinated activity over a relatively large territory : the timing was synchronized through the calendar reform and the engineering measures were made possible by standardizing the weights and measures.
  11. To improve road safety, LTA implemented a variety of road engineering measures, such as adding pedestrian crossing lines with enhanced dash markings, traffic calming markings and " pedestrian crossing ahead " road markings in more locations in 2009 . " Your Speed Signs ", electronic signs displaying the speed of a passing vehicle, were also introduced so that motorists could be more aware of their speeds and would be more likely to keep to the speed limit.

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