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  1. My driving force was to create a whole new class of engineering materials.
  2. Plywood is also used as an engineering material for stressed-skin applications.
  3. The Bridgestone product line in construction and civil engineering materials is similarly broad.
  4. His research interests centred around the fracture and fatigue behaviour of engineering materials.
  5. Typical isotropic engineering materials have a Poisson's ratio of 0.2.
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  7. The formation's thick bedding, extensive cementation and dolomitisation have made it a generally stable engineering material.
  8. EDXRD is almost exclusively used with synchrotron radiation which allows for measurement within real engineering materials.
  9. Engineering plastics have gradually replaced traditional engineering materials such as wood or metal in many applications.
  10. Tissue engineering utilizes living cells as engineering materials.
  11. From 2003 to 2008 ^ ehitolu was Editor of the ASME Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology.
  12. This modification is vital to explaining the segregation behavior that results in the intergranular failures of engineering materials.
  13. Aobuchi's company is mainly engaged in exporting engineering materials to North Korea, the Japanese news agency Kyodo reported.
  14. On the other hand, traditional engineering materials, such as concrete or steel, fail at much lower stretch ratios.
  15. Engineering materials are exposed to hydrogen and they may interact with it resulting in various kinds of structural damage.
  16. He works in the field of solid mechanics concerned with a broad range of problems in structures and engineering materials.
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