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  1. This fuses with a late endosome containing the endocytosed, degraded proteins.
  2. It is a component of the endosome-associated transcriptional control activity.
  3. At first, autophagosomes fuse with endosomes or endosome-derived vesicles.
  4. The FYVE domain has been connected to vacuolar protein sorting and endosome function.
  5. Early acidification of the endosome is thought to release components from the virus core.
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  7. The endosome then creates an acidic environment to " digest " the virus.
  8. After endocytosis, the complexes are subjected to the acidic conditions of the cellular endosome.
  9. This signals the cell to internalize the toxin within an endosome via receptor-mediated endocytosis.
  10. This protein may play a role in trans-Golgi network-to-endosome transport.
  11. Immunodepletion of rabaptin-5 from cytosol strongly inhibits Rab5-dependent early endosome membrane fusion.
  12. After the fusion of the late endosome with the lysosome, lysosomal sialidases remove sialic acid residues.
  13. The cargo proteins are then trafficked to the lysosome via the late endosome independently of the IGF2Rs.
  14. Once formed, the endosome combines with a structure known as a multivesicular body ( MVB ).
  15. Instead, it transforms into a reticulate body ( RB ) and begins to replicate within the endosome.
  16. Annexin VI has been implicated in mediating the endosome aggregation and vesicle fusion in secreting epithelia during exocytosis.
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