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  1. It specifically targets endosomal TLR3 with good solubility and serum stability.
  2. Vps4p is anchored via Vps46p to the endosomal membrane.
  3. EEA1 localizes exclusively to early endosomes and has an important role in endosomal trafficking.
  4. Multivesicular bodies are endosomal compartments that sort ubiquitinated membrane proteins by incorporating them into vesicles.
  5. Rab18 was first characterised as an endosomal protein in epithelial cells of mouse kidney and intestines.
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  7. Certain neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's have been found to have defective endosomal trafficking.
  8. The SNX-BAR dimer enters the nucleation complex via direct binding or lateral movement on endosomal surface.
  9. The mannose receptor recycles continuously between the plasma membrane and endosomal compartments in a clathrin-dependent manner.
  10. This domain is buried in the late endosomal membrane and may associate with the same domain in MENTHO.
  11. It is localized to the endosomal compartment of the cell with the LRR region facing into the endosome.
  12. The domain mounts TLR 11 to the endosomal membrane and connects the LRR region to the TIR domain.
  13. The insulin receptor system, in contrast, appears to " diminish " the efficacy of endosomal signaling.
  14. Once inside the cell, the viral membrane fuses with the endosomal membrane, and the virus genome is released.
  15. This gene encodes a protein involved in endosomal sorting of cell surface receptors via a multivesicular body / late endosome pathway.
  16. It is suggested that in combination with MLN64, this protein helps regulate the flow of cholesterol through the endosomal pathway.
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