endosomal membrane in a sentence

  1. Vps4p is anchored via Vps46p to the endosomal membrane.
  2. This domain is buried in the late endosomal membrane and may associate with the same domain in MENTHO.
  3. The domain mounts TLR 11 to the endosomal membrane and connects the LRR region to the TIR domain.
  4. Once inside the cell, the viral membrane fuses with the endosomal membrane, and the virus genome is released.
  5. VP5 often catalyzes cell fusion, which facilitates the penetration of the endosomal membrane and consequently the release of outer capsid components.
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  7. This so-called " fusion peptide " acts like a molecular grappling hook by inserting itself into the endosomal membrane and locking on.
  8. The dropping pH inside the endosome frees the outer domain of E1 and causes the fusion of the viral envelope with the endosomal membrane.
  9. The low pH within the endosome then triggers BTV's membrane penetration protein VP5 to undergo a conformational change that disrupts the endosomal membrane.
  10. Once released from the carrier, the Vps35-Vps29-Vps26 complex and the SNX-BAR dimers get recycled back onto the endosomal membranes.
  11. The late endosome itself can eventually grow into a mature lysosome, as evidenced by the transport of endosomal membrane components from the lysosomes back to the endosomes.
  12. Secondly, once bound it facilitates the entry of the viral genome into the target cells by causing the fusion of host endosomal membrane with the viral membrane.
  13. Reassembly is proposed to be aided by a complex termed RAVE ( regulator of-ATPase of vacuolar and endosomal membranes ) ( Kane and Smardon, 2003 ).
  14. The RUN domain is between amino acids 45 . . . 168 and consists of the RPIP8, UNC-14, and NESCA proteins . and endosomal membrane trafficking.
  15. After the virus has been engulfed into an endosome, it changes configuration, causing the viral and endosomal membranes to fuse, releasing the viral genome into the cytoplasm.
  16. Later on, it was figured out that certain lipids have the ability to destabilize endosomal membranes so as to facilitate the escape of DNA from endosome, therefore those lipids are called fusogenic lipids.
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