endless in a sentence

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  1. Offerdahl, with his endless injuries, presents an interesting case.
  2. It comes with beating drums, endless prayers and exorcism rites.
  3. "It's virtually an endless shelf ."
  4. With endless possibilities, it should be easy to pick one.
  5. Should Baghdad be given an endless amount of time to comply?
  6. It's difficult to find endless in a sentence.
  7. Our charts are endless on the Jets'defense ."
  8. His body was wracked by a seemingly endless series of injuries.
  9. The stuff of endless arguments over a bottle-littered table.
  10. The list was an endless dirge over the airwaves of Japan.
  11. Because theater is so archaic, you have these endless constrictions.
  12. We don't have the endless resources that they do.
  13. Endless seminars on how to find your superconscious, the zone.
  14. Letters to friends of Bill went out in an endless stream,
  15. The orphans, though, have lived out an endless curse.
  16. For a while I looked at it as the endless season,
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