encoded archival description in a sentence

  1. An online Encoded Archival Description finding aid exists for the collection.
  2. Catalogues were tagged using the Encoded Archival Description XML standard.
  3. It takes in and provides EAD ( Encoded Archival Description ), which is XML for archives.
  4. All of the archival material at the National Art Library is using Encoded Archival Description ( EAD ).
  5. This latest version, EAD3 was released by the Technical Subcommittee for Encoded Archival Description in August 2015.
  6. It's difficult to find encoded archival description in a sentence.
  7. The articles are generated from Encoded Archival Description ( EAD ) finding aids using the Remixing Archival Metadata Project ( RAMP ) tool.
  8. Some articles will be generated from Encoded Archival Description ( EAD ) finding aids using the Remixing Archival Metadata Project ( RAMP ) tool.
  9. While the archival community had previously created content and data structures, such as Encoded Archival Description, implementation of these standards was difficult for many in the profession.
  10. RAMP extracts biographical information from Encoded Archival Description ( EAD ) finding aids using EAC-CPF and converts it from XML into wiki markup for publication to the English Wikipedia.
  11. The advent of Encoded Archival Description, along with increasing demand for materials to be made available online, has required archivists to become more tech-savvy in the past decade.
  12. Workshops are given all across the United States and attend to current archival concerns and issues such as Encoded Archival Description, the digitizing of archival materials, and conservation of materials, among others.
  13. For example, common standards used by archivists for structuring descriptive metadata, which conveys information such as the form, extent, and content of archival materials, include Machine-Readable Cataloguing ( MARC format ), Encoded Archival Description ( EAD ), and Dublin core.
  14. Finding aids today can be created in various electronic and print formats, including word processor document, spreadsheet, database, paper list, index card, etc . The standard machine-readable format for manuscript collection finding aids, widely used in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Australia and elsewhere, is Encoded Archival Description.
  15. DS also indexes specific information pertinent to this format, with a separate field for " Artist, " for example, rather than one for " personal names . " DS also creates more focused records compared to archival cataloging based on EAD ( Encoded Archival Description ), because the latter is collections-based and not designed to be descriptive and searched at the item level.

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