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  1. Ideally, the decoding chip deciphers an HDCD-encoded signal.
  2. Conservative groups say networks will eagerly encode shows filled with violence.
  3. Computer messages are encoded with a string of zeros and ones.
  4. The chip can receive encoded information about the content of programs.
  5. Similar encoding makes it possible for televisions to offer closed captioning.
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  7. An encryption program generates keys used to encode and decode messages.
  8. Algorithms are the encoded set of instructions in the circuit board.
  9. None of the recovered chips were encoded, the officials said.
  10. Gene _ Pieces of DNA that encode genetic traits and information.
  11. These are among the most common proteins encoded by the genome.
  12. The researchers could not work out exactly how that is encoded.
  13. The blurring allows them to encode the films with the unutterable.
  14. The World Trade Center was Rockefeller Republicanism encoded in urban space.
  15. Since the particles can be encoded for millions of possible reactions,
  16. Wriggles in the groove encode fluctuations in sound frequency and intensity.
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