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  1. It corresponds to a " character repertoire " in the Unicode encoding model.
  2. It corresponds to a " coded character set " in the Unicode encoding model.
  3. This set of characters is based on SignWriting's standardized symbol set and defined character encoding model.
  4. Because of that, Unicode Burmese sites are split between these two and other proprietary encoding models, which makes proper viewing of Burmese script even harder.
  5. SBML can encode models consisting of entities ( called " species " in SBML ) acted upon by processes ( called " reactions " ).
  6. It's difficult to find encode model in a sentence.
  7. The inclusion of a Unicode Mongolian font and keyboard layout in Windows Vista has meant that Unicode Mongolian is now gradually becoming more popular, but the complexity of the Unicode Mongolian encoding model and the lack of a clear definition for the use variation selectors are still barriers to its widespread adoption, as is the lack of support for inline vertical display.
  8. Describing the program for the universal program as the " hypothesis ", and the representation of the evidence as program data, it has been formally proven under Zermelo Fraenkel set theory that " the sum of the log universal probability of the model plus the log of the probability of the data given the model should be minimized . " Interpreting this as minimising the total length of a two-part message encoding model followed by data given model gives us the minimum message length ( MML ) principle.

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