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  1. Lines of Quoted-Printable encoded data must not be longer than 76 characters.
  2. Like HTML, XML is a system that encodes data using named tags.
  3. The text is hidden as encoded data transmitted in the television signal.
  4. A transistor is a switch used to manipulate streams of electronically encoded data.
  5. Image of ENCODE data in the UCSC Genome Browser.
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  7. In mathematics various structures are used to encode data.
  8. This way, it will never occur in any bit position in any encoded data stream.
  9. The IBM PC cassette interface encodes data using frequency modulation with a variable data rate.
  10. XPath is widely used to accesses XML-encoded data.
  11. The length of time the voltage is applied in each direction provides the method for encoding data.
  12. A non-semantic URL is typically composed of a encoded data, session IDs, implementation details, and so on.
  13. MultiLevel recording refers to the use of multiple reflectivity values to encode data onto an optical disc.
  14. The encoded data is identified by the use of data identifiers, application identifiers or text element identifiers.
  15. CD-R discs are sometimes known as write-once discs because the encoded data cannot be erased or overwritten.
  16. Closed captioning is a form of technology that transmits information as encoded data in the television signal.
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