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  1. They have also performed an arrangement of Stravinsky's " Petrushka ", which the New York Times declared, " came through in all . . . visionary clarity . " Duo also has a repertoire of recordings and their CD, " Bach Crossings, " which was described by the Chicago Reader as a " lovely, concise recording [ that ] does nothing to obscure Bach's indelible melodies . . . it still feels very different from conventional performances of the same music : Kurtag provides a modern sensibility and heightened harmonic splendor, while Ho and Ahuvia bring a less rigid sense of time and rhythm, creating a rich fluidity . " Their newest CD, " Beethoven Dialogues, " encludes " Beethoven s String Quartet No . 6 in G Major [ which ] captured the music s serenity, the melodic interplay [ also ] exquisitely realized ."
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