enclosures act in a sentence

  1. The Enclosure Acts ended the system of open farming on common land.
  2. An Enclosure Act of 1863 1865 formally divided Botley Common into plots.
  3. The enclosure act covering the village was passed in 1774.
  4. An estimate places 60 % of enclosure acts as involving tithe commutation.
  5. In 1741, the Sutton Enclosure Act was passed.
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  7. An Enclosure Act of 1881 laid the way for the development of modern Wibsey.
  8. Tanfield Enclosure Act for Great Tew in 1767.
  9. With The Enclosure Act of 1845 allowed the city to take of the Clay fields.
  10. The Enclosure Act in a plan dated 3 March 1796 affected Long Bennington and Foston.
  11. A Roman road crossed the area roughly on the line of the present Enclosure Act.
  12. An enclosure act was passed in 1793.
  13. The future development of West Norwood was assisted by the Lambeth Manor Enclosure Act of 1806.
  14. There was no common land in Bowling, and there had never been an enclosure act.
  15. Such local Enclosure Acts allowed the major landowners in the area to reorganise their widely separated landholdings.
  16. Scarrington and Aslockton shared several landowners and could be covered by a joint enclosure act in 1781.
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