enactments in a sentence

"enactments" in Chinese  
  1. Judged by these standards, FIRREA was a general regulatory enactment.
  2. Last Sunday's re-enactment lasted about 45 minutes.
  3. The re-enactment was fought on a neatly cleared field.
  4. None of that, though, is likely to prevent enactment.
  5. I wonder if there will be a costumed re-enactment.
  6. It's difficult to find enactments in a sentence.
  7. Senate passage gives it its best chance of enactment in years.
  8. Re-enactments are dimly lit; jazz underscores the mood.
  9. Then to re-enactments of Titanic passengers descending the staircase.
  10. He conceived the re-enactment before the invasion of Iraq.
  11. They said the add-ons threatened enactment of the legislation.
  12. Even so, the city asked the courts to delay enactment.
  13. He is charged under section 121 of the MAIK Enactment 1994.
  14. I fear that this re-enactment will be too authentic.
  15. I look forward to working with Congress to ensure their enactment.
  16. But whether that represents progress toward enactment of legislation is unclear.
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