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  1. Congress observed the same boundaries in enacting s27A ( b ).
  2. But enacting the new proposals could take years of parliamentary debate.
  3. This after spending a decade enacting legislation requiring higher test scores.
  4. The IMF often makes enacting reforms the condition for its loans.
  5. Enacting meaningful reforms is the first crucial step in that direction.
  6. It's difficult to find enacting in a sentence.
  7. Enacting new laws might not be the answer, he said.
  8. By enacting a new constitution without consulting the Porte, Bosnia.
  9. They began enacting the play and I began typing it up.
  10. The event involves enacting migration of Lubalunda and conquest the valley.
  11. Bulgarian rebellion all contributed to his apprehension for enacting significant changes.
  12. Learners might be incapable of reflexively enacting their knowledge in practice.
  13. The General Court is responsible for enacting laws in the state.
  14. He recounts his turf disputes that came up while enacting reforms.
  15. As a consequence of enacting an " illegal constitution"
  16. Favors building more jails and enacting truth-in-sentencing legislation.
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