enabling in a sentence

"enabling" meaning  "enabling" in Chinese  
  1. It enables Clinton to be more an advocate for the center.
  2. -- Technology enables change but doesn't cause it.
  3. Without providing sufficient federal funding to enable the state to comply,
  4. Those injuries have enabled teams to pay more attention to Hill.
  5. He's enabled me to sleep at night ."
  6. It's difficult to find enabling in a sentence.
  7. The job enabled her to get an apartment several weeks ago.
  8. Bob will enable us to go more in a straight line.
  9. The 23-minute delay enabled the Sonics to collect themselves.
  10. We can enable local companies to achieve the premiums they deserve,
  11. That enabled him to become a major contributor off the bench.
  12. I love the technology that enables you to do these things,
  13. "This is enabling technology, " he said.
  14. Are there any cruises that would enable us to do this?
  15. Telescript is software that enables computers to communicate over large networks.
  16. Both make equipment that enables computers to be connected on networks.
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