emigration canyon in a sentence

  1. Emigration Canyon was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1961.
  2. Emigration Canyon is home to Camp Kostopulos and the Kostopulos Dream Foundation.
  3. They arrived at Emigration Canyon, Utah, at night.
  4. It is located at the mouth of Emigration Canyon.
  5. The Hogle family donated 42 acres of land at the mouth of Emigration Canyon in 1931.
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  7. It was greeted at the mouth of Emigration Canyon and This Is the Place Heritage Park by 20, 000 people.
  8. Their rough trail required clearing a very rough wagon trail through thick brush down Emigration Canyon to get into the Salt Lake Valley.
  9. Near the mouth of Emigration Canyon lies This Is The Place Heritage Park, which re-creates typical 19th century LDS pioneer life.
  10. Over the next several years, tens of thousands of Mormon pioneers emerged from Emigration Canyon and first saw their new home from this same location.
  11. The Society was also responsible for establishing the first experimental garden west of the Mississippi, the Deseret Gardens, located at the mouth of Emigration Canyon.
  12. In 1858 the threat of Johnston s Army marching down Emigration Canyon forced many settlers to pack up everything they could and move south until the situation could be resolved.
  13. Throughout Emigration Canyon, there are several historic markers designating camps, trail markers and milestone where the Mormon Pioneers passed while on their way to the Salt Lake Valley.
  14. This group had spent weeks traversing difficult terrain and brush, cutting a road through the Wasatch Mountains, coming through Emigration canyon into the Salt Lake Valley on August 12, 1846.
  15. It entered Salt Lake City the same way the Mormon pioneers did 155 years ago : aboard a covered wagon, rolling down Emigration Canyon with the broad sweep of Salt Lake valley below.
  16. The 8-mile-long Emigration Canyon road has become a popular destination for cyclists, with its gradual climb and quick descent, because of its convenient location next to Salt Lake City.
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