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  1. Mrs . Espinal emigrated from the Dominican Republic five years ago.
  2. Seattle writer Dominic Gates emigrated from County Tyrone in Northern Ireland.
  3. He emigrated to Kentucky and found his politics anathema to locals.
  4. My father emigrated to this country a year before we followed.
  5. They were married in 1905, emigrated to Canada in 1913.
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  7. It is not bosses and editorialists who emigrate from their homelands.
  8. Middle-class Latin Americans will be less likely to emigrate.
  9. The economic recession that grips Mexico has prompted them to emigrate.
  10. It is not known when he emigrated to the United States.
  11. Why were they not allowed to emigrate to the Holy Land?
  12. To compound the problem, Christians find it easier to emigrate.
  13. His grandfather settled in Hudson in 1910 after emigrating from Italy.
  14. Why did he stay when he had the chance to emigrate?
  15. Anti-Semitism is just one factor in decisions to emigrate.
  16. Meanwhile, 1 million emigrate from Mexico during 1910-1930.
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