emigrated to israel in a sentence

  1. Most were allowed to emigrate to Israel, Europe and elsewhere.
  2. Thousands of Russian Jews have emigrated to Israel in recent years.
  3. Thus after World War II, many Jews emigrated to Israel.
  4. Approximately 300, 000 Ukrainian Jews already have emigrated to Israel.
  5. His family emigrated to Israel and then to the United States.
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  7. Several thousand Ethiopian Jews emigrated to Israel in the late 1980s.
  8. Most of them emigrated to Israel throughout the next few decades.
  9. She later emigrated to Israel, where she wrote her memoir.
  10. Almost every member of this community emigrated to Israel in 1954.
  11. In the same year 2, 173 Jews emigrated to Israel.
  12. In 1990, Evgeny Kliachkin emigrated to Israel with his family.
  13. Born in Drohobycz, Poland, Roshwald later emigrated to Israel.
  14. After the war, nearly all the Jews emigrated to Israel.
  15. He studied law and economics before emigrating to Israel in 1935.
  16. His family emigrated to Israel in 1983 to Ra'anana.
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