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  1. SFTS is an emerging infectious disease recently described in northeast and central China.
  2. Minnesota State Epidemiologist Michael Osterholm told the first International Conference on Emerging Infectious Disease Monday in Atlanta.
  3. Chrysosporium has been identified as an emerging infectious disease, first in Canada affecting reptiles at around 1995.
  4. BARDA s Influenza and Emerging Diseases Division is in the planning phase for its Emerging Infectious disease program.
  5. The study's results were presented by the centres on Wednesday at the International Emerging Infectious Disease Conference in Atlanta.
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  7. AIDS and other emerging infectious disease will continue to pose threats into the next century, and as will resurging tuberculosis, the report said.
  8. "' Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome ( SFTS ) "'is an emerging infectious disease recently discovered in northeast and central China.
  9. Both the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Defense procure and maintain medical stockpiles to respond to bioterrorist and emerging infectious disease outbreaks.
  10. In 1996, his paper  Global Climate Change and Emerging Infectious Disease " was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association ( JAMA ).
  11. Even though we are behind the curve in influenza, we are way ahead of the curve in thinking about a national response to emerging infectious disease problems,
  12. The use of non-traditional information sources can provide prompt information to the international community on emerging infectious disease problems that have yet to be officially reported.
  13. CDC takes seriously its leadership role in preparing for emerging infectious disease outbreaks and continues to work to keep Americans safe and healthy, " the statement read.
  14. A progressive and sometimes fatal condition, research on it is lagging even as it is being classified as an emerging infectious disease in middle-aged to older women.
  15. Sources : " The Invisible Invaders " by Peter Radetsky; " The Forgotten Epidemic " by Frank Ryan; " Addressing Emerging Infectious Disease Threats,"
  16. It allows members to check on unusual clinical events, a potentially emerging infectious disease by connecting members to the CDC and other public health investigators and it is capable of queries and surveys.
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