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  1. He also published in 1945,'Embryo culture of Iris seed'Bull . Am . Iris Soc.
  2. In embryo culture, the embryo is excised and placed into a culture medium with proper nutrient in aseptic condition.
  3. In 1951, C . F . Konzak, Randolph and L . F . Jensen published'Embryo culture of Barley species hybrids.
  4. Ovule culture or in ovolo embryo culture is a modified technique of embryo rescue whereby embryos are cultured while still inside their ovules to prevent damaging them during the excision process.
  5. There are significantly higher odds of preterm birth ( odds ratio 1.3 ) and congenital anomalies ( odds ratio 1.3 ) among births from embryos cultured until the blastocyst stage compared with cleavage stage.
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  7. Embryo culture until the blastocyst stage confers a significant increase in live birth rate per embryo transfer, but also confers a decreased number of embryos available for transfer and embryo cryopreservation, so the cumulative clinical pregnancy rates are increased with cleavage stage transfer.
  8. In 1955, Randolph and his wife ( Fannie ), published'Embryo culture of Iris seed', in the'Bulletin of the American Iris Society'Vol . 139 pages 7 17, this was an updated publication that he had earlier published ( solo ) in 1945.

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