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  1. She quit . ( Embry, Waco Tribune-Herald ).
  2. Developing . ( Embry, Waco Tribune-Herald ) WITH PHOTOS
  3. Waco Tribune-Herald writter Jason Embry contributed to this report.
  4. Jason Embry is a reporter for the Waco Tribune-Herald.
  5. It is located at 40 Embry Place within the village limits.
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  7. The campaign led to Embry's reinstatement to World Class.
  8. In April 1940 Embry was awarded a Bar to his DSO.
  9. Basil Embry died in Boyup Brook, Western Australia in 1977.
  10. Cavs GM Wayne Embry contends that too few centers are quality passers.
  11. Perhaps Carr should have taken former Celtic Wayne Embry's advice.
  12. Embry said he wasn't concerned about Kemp's past.
  13. As for Ilgauskus, Embry is keeping his fingers crossed.
  14. Featuring : Breckin Meyer, Peter Facinelli, Ethan Embry, Eddie Mills
  15. Quigley teaches at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott.
  16. One of the first guys I see over there is Marty Embry.
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