elfhelm in a sentence

  1. Although he knew Grimbold was in danger, Elfhelm retreated eastwards.
  2. He himself would have been killed had it not been for Elfhelm.
  3. He placed Grimbold and Elfhelm at the Fords.
  4. Elfhelm rushed to his aid and felled one orc while Grimbold slew the other.
  5. Elfhelm rushed to his aid and felled one orc-man while Grimbold slew the other.
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  7. Grimbold was surrounded but his shield-wall held despite no aid from Erkenbrand and Elfhelm.
  8. Later, Elfhelm commanded one of the three 閛reds in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.
  9. is a Wind spirit from Elfhelm, a utopia on Skellig Island in the Western Sea.
  10. Grimbold held the eastern side of the ford and waited for Elfhelm to come to his aid.
  11. With no sign of Elfhelm and no help from Erkenbrand, he decided to try to break out.
  12. Some warg riders and their followers pushed through the gap between the two Rohirrim forces and tried to surround Elfhelm.
  13. While Elfhelm wanted to abandon the Fords, Grimbold wanted to hold them, partially due to the tradition of Westfold.
  14. Grimbold later assumed command of the Rohirrim of Westfold as Erkenbrand was delayed, sharing it with Elfhelm of the East-mark.
  15. Once Casca is brought to Elfhelm, Hanafuku begins the restoration ritual by having Farnese and Schierke enter the world within her mind.
  16. It is then that the reinforcements from Riddermark finally arrive, led by Elfhelm from Helm's Deep, and charge the attackers.
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