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  1. Elfgren is regarded by many as being a one of the leading luminaries in Cement Technology.
  2. I met Lennart Elfgren some years back and he is at the top of the tree.
  3. But while we're at it, note that oneof the authors of that pdf, is Professor Lennart Elfgren.
  4. The kidnappers later released the tourists, said Elfgren, who added that they were safe with United Nations officials in Somalia.
  5. A film adaptation was to be produced by Filmlance with Levan Akin set to direct and Sara Bergmark Elfgren as script writer.
  6. It's difficult to find elfgren in a sentence.
  7. A film adaptation was to be produced by Filmlance in 2013, with Levan Akin set to direct and Bergmark Elfgren as script writer.
  8. "Divine ", was produced by Stephan Elfgren, Albi Albertsson, Sean Alexander and written by Kamikaoru, There were two versions for the accompanied music video.
  9. Swedish Gold knows a lot of people including academics in Berkeley who are very respected ( who also know Ronin and " supportive " of his work with Prof . Elfgren ).
  10. In 2016, Bergmark Elfgren created and wrote the radio mockumentary thriller " De d鰀as r鰏ter " ( " Voices of the Dead " ) which received favourable reviews.
  11. The Finns, a man and a woman, were abducted on April 21 while sailing off the Somali coast, said Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Elfgren of the National Bureau of Investigation in Helsinki, Finland.
  12. This method of analysis has also expanded upon the original theoretical distinction by identifying sub-themes of aggressive action which can be used to further discriminate amongst offenders ( Santilla, Hakkanen, Canter & Elfgren, 2003 ).
  13. While open-water ( pelagic ) colonies were increasing during July 2000  2001, colonies in mesocosms ( 41 L and 300 L volume ) were decreasing, even with additions of various combinations of nutrients ( exception : addition of N, P and Fe ) ( Karlsson-Elfgren et al . 2005 ).
  14. ""'The Circle " "'( original title : " Cirkeln " ) is a Swedish fantasy film produced and scored by Benny Andersson and directed and co-written by Levan Akin, based on the best-selling novel " The Circle " by Sara Bergmark Elfgren and Mats Strandberg.

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