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  1. The electrothermal instability occurs extremely quickly, in a few microseconds.
  2. One of the most successful alternative technologies remains electrothermal-chemical ignition.
  3. The XM-291 is the best existing example of a working electrothermal-chemical gun.
  4. Because of the difficulty cooling the lines underground, there will be stronger positive electrothermal feedback.
  5. Thus the Joule heating amplifies a change in temperature, an effect known as positive electrothermal feedback.
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  7. This electrothermal process converts electromagnetic energy into thermal energy by inducing current through the formation using excitor electrodes.
  8. For tanks, it seems that Electrothermal-chemical technology might be more practical for the near future.
  9. The transition edge sensor typically maintains the temperature through negative electrothermal feedback associated with changes in internal electrical power.
  10. This is known as negative electrothermal feedback, as the change in Joule heating opposes the change in temperature.
  11. Other plasma research includes modeling wall ablation from directed energy weapons and the plasma-propellant interaction in electrothermal chemical guns.
  12. To improve on the capabilities of a solid propellant weapon the electrothermal-chemical gun may see production as early as 2016.
  13. The XM291 electrothermal-chemical tank gun has gone through successful multiple firing sequences on a modified M8 Armored Gun System chassis.
  14. Electrothermal systems by Aerojet ( MR-510 ) are currently used on Lockheed Martin A2100 satellites using hydrazine as a propellant.
  15. It runs off the 24 Volt electrical system of the vehicle and is manufactured by Electrothermal Engineering Ltd in Rochford, Essex.
  16. In terms of firepower, the focus of current R & D is on increased detection capability such as electrothermal-chemical gun.
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