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  1. Some card issuers have developed electronic techniques for spotting unusual activity.
  2. The military will speed the development of new electronic identification devices.
  3. Power Poker from Electronic Arts is a poker program for Windows.
  4. Electronic sensors in windows ranked second, at 1.35.
  5. William Lieber thought he had reached a consumer electronics dead end.
  6. It's difficult to find electronic in a sentence.
  7. Allowing electronic messages to the kids could be vastly more successful.
  8. Martin Marietta makes the Titan rocket, electronics and other missiles.
  9. All three have sought higher-margin space and electronics work.
  10. I push another button and schedule lunch in my electronic calendar.
  11. Within a week, my electronic mailbox was filled with responses.
  12. We share the same vision of where electronic publishing is going,
  13. But increased use of electronic lobby directories has mitigated that problem.
  14. Pasadena, Calif ., developer and maker of electronic media products
  15. Lots of people in the industry are obsessing over electronic publishing.
  16. Electronic bulletin boards are an even hotter fad than talk shows.
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