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  1. A "'waveguide filter "'is an electronic filter that is constructed with loss.
  2. Unfortunately, by pressure from the government, the network was obligated to use electronic filters.
  3. But electronic filters and monitors haven't caught on everywhere.
  4. Electronic filters eliminated the problem on July 13, allowing WUOG to return to a normal schedule.
  5. The most common types of electronic filters are linear filters, regardless of other aspects of their design.
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  7. A "'leapfrog filter "'is a type of active circuit electronic filter that simulates a passive electronic ladder filter.
  8. An "'active filter "'is a type of analog electronic filter that uses active components such as an amplifier.
  9. Before the invention of the transistor, coils of wire with large inductance might be used in electronic filters.
  10. They developed Surface acoustic wave electronic filters which had many applications, including mobile phones when they later emerged.
  11. He said he was optimistic that much of the noise could be removed by electronic filters and other means.
  12. High-temperature superconductors have found use in cellular telephone towers as electronic filters to separate radio signals of individual phone calls.
  13. Insertion loss is a figure of merit for an electronic filter and this data is generally specified with a filter.
  14. The song's verses used an electronic filter on Cher's vocal, turning her into cyber-Cher, a hit machine immune to sagging flesh.
  15. Grinbergs and his collaborators wrote many papers on the design of electrical circuits and electronic filters, stemming from his radio work.
  16. The transfer functions pertaining to IIR analog electronic filters have been extensively studied and optimized for their amplitude and phase characteristics.
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