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  1. And, if the multimedia electronic action didn't grab your attention, the exhibit itself was sure to.
  2. Students can utilize a new facility which incorporates computer and electronic action scripts, video presentations and simulations.
  3. Mystified, we inquired and found out it was an " electronic action game " called Cube It Up, from the manufacturer Toy Biz.
  4. It seems unlikely a school would have such information in its profile of a child, unless schools became more like prisons, or marketing agencies that track every electronic action of an individual.
  5. Last summer, the American Management Association issued a memo to its 10, 000 member companies, urging them to make their employees aware that their electronic actions and communications " are subject to recording and review ."
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  7. p n junctions are elementary " building blocks " of most semiconductor electronic devices such as diodes, transistors, solar cells, LEDs, and integrated circuits; they are the active sites where the electronic action of the device takes place.
  8. In addition to its mechanical action, the organ can be played remotely by an electronic system, enabling it to be played from a remote console, or a performance or passage can be recorded by a system built into the keyboards and played back by the electronic action.
  9. Maybe the giddy, communal gaggle of the village as depicted by Breughel has been replaced by the modern media village in which the young and old share the same images of what New York Times critic Vincent Canby has called " kidult " culture, like electronic action films that play to children from 8 to 80.

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