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  1. The initially electroneutral acceptor becomes negatively charged ( ionised ).
  2. The initially electroneutral donor becomes positively charged ( ionised ).
  3. It is a member of the SLC12 cotransporter family of electroneutral cation-coupled chloride cotransporters.
  4. However, when helper lipids ( usually electroneutral lipids, such as DOPE ) were added to form lipoplexes, much higher transfection efficiency was observed.
  5. The sodium-chloride symporter or NCC is a member of the SLC12 cotransporter family of electroneutral cation-coupled chloride cotransporter, along with the homodimers at the plasma membrane.
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  7. The transport process involves one for one electroneutral movement of K + together with Cl  ", and, in all known mammalian cells, the net movement is outward.
  8. Two of the Na +-coupled transporters ( NBCe1, NBCe2 ) are electrogenic; the other three Na +-coupled HCO transporters and all three AEs are electroneutral.
  9. The transporter is believed to catalyze the electroneutral reversible uptake of H +-malonate with one Na +, and both subunits have been shown to be essential for activity.
  10. Pendrin is responsible for mediating the electroneutral exchange of chloride ( Cl  " ) for bicarbonate ( HCO 3  " ) across a plasma membrane in the chloride cells of freshwater fish.
  11. In addition to the Na +-independent anion exchangers ( AE1-3 ) and the Na + : HCO cotransporters ( NBCs ) ( which may be either electroneutral or electrogenic ), a Na +-driven HCO / Cl  " exchanger ( NCBE ) has been sequenced and characterized.

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