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  1. In electro-pneumatic organs, electric impulses control the valves.
  2. Cookers, oven type, combining gas burners and electro plates.
  3. Electro String also sold amplifiers to go with their electric guitars.
  4. He worked on crystal physics, thermodynamics and electro-optics.
  5. During the " Gravity fight Electro, he defeats them.
  6. It's difficult to find electro in a sentence.
  7. Electro goes after Spider-Man for Menace's infant.
  8. The campanile houses the loudspeakers for an electro-acoustic carillon.
  9. Lizard worked with Jackal on a procedure that would repower Electro.
  10. Note that the system as a whole is electro-neutral.
  11. They were again supplied by General Motors Electro-Motive Division.
  12. Electro regains consciousness and is prepared to deal the final blow.
  13. These controlled the gun turrets and were electro-hydraulically powered.
  14. His newest project is the live electro groove collective called Ostrich.
  15. Carl has Paddington DC, some kind of noise electro pop.
  16. She currently works as a minimal electro DJ based in Bucharest.
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