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  1. Musically, the song features sexual innuendo, funky electronica and is backed by electro beats.
  2. The track is featured on his album called, " The Original ", and it encompasses Dance / Electro beats.
  3. Unlike the pop punk sound of her first album, " Sleeping in the Nothing " features Osbourne singing to'80s-inspired electro beats.
  4. As Kissy's technical abilities blossomed professionally, his live DJ shows began to focus on putting electro beats over classical pieces of music using Pioneer's CDJ decks.
  5. She co-wrote the majority of her first studio album, " Killer Love " . and " funky electronica " which are also backed by " electro beats ".
  6. It's difficult to find electro beat in a sentence.
  7. Alaap's 1979 album " Teri Chunni de Sitare " for Multitone records, mixed traditional dhol and tumbi with synthesisers and electro beats and was a surprise hit to those outside of the scene.
  8. Cars in the levels themselves have approximately 5 or 6 seconds of looped music, in Chicago it is Rock / Electro Beat style, Havana is Jazz-funk, Las Vegas is Funk / Soul and Rio is Drum & Bass.
  9. However, Goon was critical of " Russian Roulettes production, writing that Fu appeared to have " got a little carried away " and criticising him for applying electro beats to every song, not all of which may have needed them.
  10. MusicOMH said that " Ready For The Floor " bore an " undoubted resemblance [ . . . ] at first glance " to " Boy From School " but said it was " more subtle in its use of brushed electro beats and clever countermelodies ".
  11. The first DJPR release was the track " My Beatbox " ( later featured on the PS1 game " Thrasher : Skate and Destroy " ) in 1997 on Davies's own record label-Airdog, on a compilation titled " Still Searchin'- A Collection Of Speaker Poppin'Electro Beats ".
  12. Sunde gives synth-diva histrionics a mystical spritz, singing about dragons and black magic over skittering electro beats . " MOBO wrote that "  The Green Children masterfully sprinkle sincere soul and magic into a music scene that requires some much need fantasy and romanticism & The emerald duo s debut is an audio fairytale that confiscates all grips on reality and leaves one hopelessly daydreaming . 
  13. He praised the tracks as " an ideal introduction " to the Sugababes, and noted that the new songs recorded with Berrabah " indicate that the group hasn't lost any of its momentum " . " Daily Record " writer Rick Fulton gave the album a full five-star rating, saying : " Changing members can't dampen the winning formula of Sugababes  sassy vocals over electro beats ".
  14. The song " opens with a throbbing electro beat which then builds to the shrill chorus . " They were also noted by their vocals by saying " Lena Katina and Julia Volkova's vocals are angelic and naive complementing the fierce, persistent beats in the single . " Lyrically, it talks about teenage lovers, which was usually exampled by Volkova and Katina, as people did not understand their love towards each other, so they run away from people to start fresh.
  15. Even as recently as 2004, the single was described in retrospect as  mutated & beyond all recognition, with Max providing heavy duty electro beats, Nick Smash beating the shit out of his tom-toms and Dave screaming his lungs out ( through ) a convoluted series of sections before finally degenerating into full-on insanity, with Dave screeching a tirade of obscenities .  Howard made much of the initial friction between himself and Burnel ( the latter a committed DHS fan ) during the recording session ( " It all got off to a tempestuous start.
  16. Francis Jones of Drowned in Sound praised the songs for having both production and lyrics feel equal and unique, saying that, " " Breaking Kayfabe " is a record that demands and deserves undivided attention, its creator fashioning a brain-searing patchwork of ragged rap, electronic flourishes and truncated rhythms . " Marisa Brown of AllMusic also praised Cadence for crafting electro beats over songs that carry intelligent lyrics, concluding with, " " Breaking Kayfabe " is a cohesive set of songs, backpacker in the best of senses, smart and witty and provocative, experimental and well-produced, but at the same time very raw and very real-sounding.
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