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  1. TEAC was founded in 1953 as the "'Tokyo Electro Acoustic Company " '.
  2. An " electro acoustic " version of the song was released on the " Cowboy " single.
  3. Shaikh furthered his electro acoustic composition at Queen's University and has continued making music resulting in his present diverse discography.
  4. New releases include albums by demoscene star and former Beanbag vocalist Hunz, known Renoise user Kaneel and new Portuguese electro acoustic pop group : papercutz.
  5. In Musicalta, musical works of the 18th century and contemporary creations, today's music and electro acoustic music are played together in concerts.
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  7. In 1990, Andreas Rodler started studying Composition, Music theory and Electro acoustics at the University of Music and performing arts in Vienna and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.
  8. Bishi began her musical career in The Sound Storm-an improvised electro acoustic performance art troupe led by London night club legend Matthew Glamorre and his longtime collaborator Richard Torry.
  9. Edelstein is senior professor and co-founder of the degree in " "'Music Composition in Acoustic and Electro Acoustics " "', at the University of Quilmes ( outside Buenos Aires, see Quilmes ).
  10. Miljeteig released his debut solo album " It's Funny How Things Happen at Particular Times " in 2013, and here he stands out as a very original in a somewhat surreal, beautiful and catchy electro acoustic landscape.
  11. His electro acoustic group, the " "'Ensamble Nacional del Sur " "'( ENS for short ) are hugely popular, critically acclaimed as revolutionary, achieving a cult following in both Brazil and Argentina, and seen by Edelstein as a new instrument of composition.
  12. These included  The Voice Harvester by Swedish ICT Interactive,  Audification of Absence by Willem Zwagers, and  Bubble Room Instrument,  Bridging Realities Collaborative,  Untitled 5 : 22mins and  Silent Forest by JAQ . There were also two installations on the ground floor from outside of Sliperiet; James Brewster s Electro Acoustic Cafe, and  The Worlds Biggest Midi Controller by Hakan Lidbo.
  13. Oscar Edelstein's Acoustic GridEdelstein is currently, Senior professor, Head of Composition ( Acoustic and Electro Acoustic ), and Director of a research programme at the University of Quilmes, in 2006 his research programme into new musical theories and acoustic techniques, the " "'Programa de investigaci髇 Teatro Ac鷖tico " "', won another landmark victory  it received funding from the " "'Agencia de Promocion Cient韋ica y Tecnologica " "'( a government agency that depends from the Argentinian " Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnolog韆 e Innovaci髇 Productiva ",-the first time that a project in the arts has been awarded science funding and thus it was a major breakthrough for Edelstein's research group.

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