electro 2 in a sentence

  1. In 2002, the Nord Electro 2 was released.
  2. It expanded the functionality of the Nord Electro 2 with Farfisa and Vox organ emulations as well as improved B3 emulation and more effects.
  3. Like the original Electro, the Electro 2 was also released in 61-and 73-key versions as well as a rack version.
  4. ""'Ultra Electro 2 " "'is a electro compilation album from Ultra Records as part of the Ultra Electro series.
  5. It contained new and updated software, but the electronics were identical to the original Electro, which permitted the original Electro to be updated to Electro 2 functionality through a software update.
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  7. The Nord Stage follows the success of earlier keyboard instruments from Clavia, and contains similar emulations of vintage electromechanical keyboards such as the Hammond Organ and electric pianos as found on the Nord Electro 2, with additional functionality including a weighted piano-like keyboard on certain models, a synthesizer section based on the Nord Lead, a more versatile organ section and extended effects processing.

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