electrical discharges in a sentence

"electrical discharges" in Chinese  
  1. They are caused by a sudden electrical discharge within the nerves.
  2. The reaction needs heat, irradiation, or an electrical discharge.
  3. Lightning is an electrical discharge that occurs in a thunderstorm.
  4. The most practical dissociation method is probably an electrical discharge.
  5. An electrical discharge is a plasma, which is an ionized gas.
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  7. He acquired his electrical discharges in gases, and high voltage technology.
  8. The parts are designed considering manufacturability with electrical discharge machining in mind.
  9. Ford plans to install devices to prevent electrical discharges.
  10. The seizures are caused by sudden and excessive electrical discharges in the brain.
  11. Electrical discharge may cause production of impurities degrading the dielectric's performance.
  12. His early experiments were with Crookes tubes, a cold cathode electrical discharge tube.
  13. Cold-sensitive neurons increase their rate of electrical discharge progressively below 37 癈.
  14. Their studies on electrical discharges in gases helped lay the foundations for plasma physics.
  15. Similar research is still ongoing : Measurements of Electrical Discharges in Martian Regolith Simulant.
  16. It uses its electrical discharges to stun prey.
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