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  1. The parts are designed considering manufacturability with electrical discharge machining in mind.
  2. Internal threads can also be formed using a sinker EDM ( electrical discharge machining ).
  3. Electrical discharge machining ( EDM ) is another subtractive manufacturing process used in the mesoscale.
  4. The moulds can be manufactured either by CNC machining or by using electrical discharge machining processes.
  5. The institute is the main Ukrainian research facility dealing with electric welding and electrical discharge machining.
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  7. The electrical discharge machining ( EDM ) or spark erosion process has become widely used in mould making.
  8. Grinding ( abrasive cutting ), Electrical discharge machining ( EDM ) and laser cutting are all relatively easy.
  9. Because of complicated geometry, NCGs are most likely spur gears and molding or electrical discharge machining technology is used instead of generation.
  10. Sommer's company, Reliable EDM, was founded in 1986 and is the largest electrical discharge machining shop in North America.
  11. On a much smaller scale, synthetic graphite electrodes are used in electrical discharge machining ( EDM ), commonly to make injection molds for plastics.
  12. Their blades were hand ground from carbon steel and cast through the lost-wax process; inscriptions were added to the blades via electrical discharge machining.
  13. The company is a developer and stockist of graphite material for use in nuclear power, particularly electrical discharge machining electrode, high temperature, and mechanical applications.
  14. In 2005, Smith was the only company in the United States to produce scope rings and mounts via wire-cut electrical discharge machining ( EDM ).
  15. Other improvements include the use of electrical discharge machining to produce complex, three-dimensional hammers that trade-off the magnetic circuit, mechanical resonances, and printing speed.
  16. More recent, advanced machining techniques include precision CNC machining, electrical discharge machining ( EDM ), electro-chemical erosion, laser cutting, or water jet cutting to shape metal workpieces.
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