electrical discharge in gases in a sentence

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  1. He acquired his electrical discharges in gases, and high voltage technology.
  2. Their studies on electrical discharges in gases helped lay the foundations for plasma physics.
  3. In collaboration with Ernst Gehrcke at the PTR, Seeliger continued his research on electrical discharges in gases.
  4. After World War II, Weizel focused his scientific research on the physics of electrical discharges in gases.
  5. His research focus was in the fields of electric currents, magnetism, and electrical discharges in gases.
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  7. Gehrcke contributed to the experimental techniques of interference spectroscopy ( interferometry ), physiological optics, and the physics of electrical discharges in gases.
  8. Cady was born in Providence, Rhode Island, graduated from Brown University in 1895, and studied 1897-1900 at the University of Berlin, receiving his Ph . D . in Physics in 1900 . ( From 1895-1897 he was also instructor in mathematics at Brown . ) He was a Magnetic Observer from 1900-1902 with the Coast and Geodetic Survey, and from 1902-1946 he was a professor of physics at Wesleyan University, where his principal interests included electrical discharges in gases, piezoelectricity, ultrasound, piezoelectric resonators and oscillators, and crystal devices.

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