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  1. Polarization is the electrical dipole moment ( either m ).
  2. Molecular rotation occurs in materials containing polar molecules having an electrical dipole moment, with the consequence that they will align themselves in an electromagnetic field.
  3. This is because they correspond to a mode of vibration where positive and negative ions at adjacent lattice sites swing against each other, creating a time-varying electrical dipole moment.
  4. In many such situations it is possible to identify an electrical dipole moment that arises from separation of charges due to the exciting electrical potential, and this dipole moment oscillates in time, as the charges move back and forth.
  5. Since the water molecule is not linear and the oxygen atom has a higher electronegativity than hydrogen atoms, it is a polar molecule, with an electrical dipole moment : the oxygen atom carries a slight negative charge, whereas the hydrogen atoms are slightly positive.
  6. It's difficult to find electrical dipole moment in a sentence.
  7. :N . B . Someone at Wikipedia talk : WikiProject Physics # Nuclear spin deserves an article ( where I asked this and other related questions ) said he thought this was unlikely because " it's an electrical dipole-dipole interaction, but nuclei must have very small electrical dipole moments, because they're so small physically " But I don't know what the dipole is . . . talk ) 17 : 32, 20 April 2011 ( UTC)

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