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  1. Despite electrical differences between the batches, all VBZ Tram 2000 units can be combined in pairs for multiple unit operation.
  2. By doing so one averages all of their electrical differences and one can produce devices in large scale at the wafer level.
  3. The electrodes, placed on two sides of the head, at the same level of the eye, pick up potential electrical differences.
  4. With the positively charged proton on one side and the negatively charged electron on the other, the membrane creates an electrical difference that becomes a current.
  5. Pickup shapes on electric basses are often referred to as " P " or " J " pickups in reference to the visual and electrical differences between the Precision Bass and Jazz Bass pickups.
  6. It's difficult to find electrical difference in a sentence.
  7. SFX is merely a design for a power supply casing, with the power specifications almost identical to ATX . Thus, an SFX power supply is mostly pin-compatible with the ATX power supply as the main difference is its reduced dimensions; the only electrical difference is that the SFX specifications do not require the  " 5 V rail.

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