electrical devices in a sentence

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  1. Its technology relies on an electrical device called a vacuum diode.
  2. Computers and other electrical devices in office buildings add more heat.
  3. Camras exhibited an aptititude for building electrical devices at an early age.
  4. Instead, it's a rather clunky mechanical / electrical device.
  5. State racing stewards ruled Wednesday that Patin carried an illegal electrical device.
  6. It's difficult to find electrical devices in a sentence.
  7. Electroputere produces railway machinery, power transformers and electrical devices.
  8. This effect is used in a range of mechanical and electrical devices.
  9. I held the electrical device which would detonate all the charges simultaneously.
  10. Another interesting invention is an electrical device to sterilize prescriptions.
  11. Electricity confuses me, as do non-electrical devices.
  12. The interrogators also used various electrical devices to shock him.
  13. Transcranial magnetic stimulation exploits the fact that neurons are essentially tiny electrical devices.
  14. He, too, has never been accused of using an electrical device.
  15. And you can run an electrical device by tying it into this circuit.
  16. _Avoid outlets, electrical cords and wired electrical devices, including telephones.
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