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  1. The music director, on electric organ, plays contemporary Christian music, not hymns.
  2. Electric organs and especially keyboards later became widely used in electric blues.
  3. Jarrett also plays electric organ on " Get Up with It ".
  4. Often an electric organ or an electric piano featured as backing harmony.
  5. The song starts with a hushed electric organ ballad, including Martin's falsetto.
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  7. Electric fishes generate discharge from electric organs located near the tail region.
  8. An electric organ moans, a drum booms and Guns begins to proselytize.
  9. In most gymnotiforms, the electric organs are derived from muscle cells.
  10. Its paired electric organs are capable of producing 70 80 volts of electricity.
  11. This is achieved by discharging an electric organ in the tail.
  12. These fish possess electric organs that allow them to produce electricity.
  13. The Hammond organ was the first successful electric organ, released in the 1930s.
  14. In gymnotiforms, the electric organ discharge may be continuous or pulsed.
  15. :I doubt that a 1980's era electric organ will be worth very much.
  16. Similar with the myogenic fishes, apteronotids has its electric organ formed by myocytes.
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