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  1. At Horiyoshi's studio in Yokohama, Japan, tattoos are outlined freehand using an electric needle.
  2. Doctors typically use an electric needle that destroys the residual tumor and controls bleeding.
  3. He was ready to " do some art, " the Wiz said, electric needle poised.
  4. And with advancements in electric needle guns and ink quality, tattoo art and its patrons have grown more sophisticated.
  5. Within, seated in low-walled stalls, patrons are becoming works of art beneath electric needles flourished by Jose and Brady.
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  7. Using an electric needle cautery that seals tissue as it cuts, Toaff slices through the uterine peritoneum around the tumor.
  8. The family uses a secret mix of ink made from soot and wine, and an electric needle made from two metal door bells.
  9. To the buzz of his electric needle, Stankovits drew a picture on Houston's calf : a kneeling angel, followed by a cross and Easter lilies.
  10. Over a two-week period, every time someone put us on hold, we merrily whipped out the battery-powered electric needle and set to work jabbing at our forearm.
  11. Every two years or so, I'd go in for a checkup, and without exception, my dermatologist would freeze a spot with liquid nitrogen or zap it with an electric needle.
  12. He put electric needles into my arms to check the nerves . . . . He said,'You're an idiot .'I said,'Thank you .'He said,'You've got carpal tunnel syndrome . "'
  13. Georgette Razzouk, a teacher, does most of the tattoos while her brother, who runs a souvenir shop in the Old City, is in charge of maintaining the electric needle she uses.
  14. Kaplan's lessons, at $ 100 each, cover use of the electric needle, which Sacred Tattoo also sells, techniques of sterilization and safety, and viewing sessions in which the student watches him give different types of tattoos to customers.
  15. When they arrive, Lisa admits that she only played a trick on Homer and Bart ( though they already know the leprosy is fake because Homer ate one of the sores and found it tasty ); however, they want to stay there on account of it being a " free vacation ", despite the painful electric needle treatments.

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