electric motor car in a sentence

"electric motor car" in Chinese  
  1. All transportation over this line is by means of a gas electric motor car.
  2. The rolling stock consisted of 24 electric motor cars.
  3. It planned to convert from steam to gas-electric locomotives for freight and self-propelled gas-electric motor cars for passengers.
  4. This variant is produced by Hafei and sold in China as the Saibao Electric Motor Car or Hafei Saibao EV.
  5. Some Dreadnought carriages were used with electric motor cars, although two-thirds remained in use as locomotive hauled stock on the extension line.
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  7. The overhead wire was removed and sold along with the electric motor cars to the Monroe Traction Company and the Toledo & Monroe Construction Company.
  8. Share a Dream Come True parade : Leading the afternoon parade is a marching band and two antique vehicles that have been restored for the centennial celebration, one an electric motor car, the other a Wild West stagecoach.
  9. The railroad had 25 steam engines and four gas electric motor cars available for passenger service in 1949 . By late 1952 nine diesels had replaced the steam locomotives and motorcars and passenger train mileage had been trimmed considerably.

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