electribe 101 in a sentence

  1. Electribe 101 signed with Watkins, and his label Phonogram Records.
  2. It included several songs originally destined for Electribe 101's second album.
  3. Electribe 101 hit the charts in 1988 with'talking with myself '.
  4. In 1990 Electribe 101 released its debut album, " Electribal Memories ".
  5. The label refused to release its second album and Electribe 101 split in early 1992.
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  7. Following her time with Electribe 101 during the 1980s and early 1990s, Billie embarked on a solo career in 1993.
  8. In 2002, it was reissued again under the title " The Best of Electribe 101 Featuring Billie Ray Martin ".
  9. Electronic artists include Big Beat musicians Bentley Rhythm Ace, Experimental Hip-Hop producer NRJ-245 and Electronica bands Electribe 101, Mistys Big Adventure and Avrocar.
  10. The ad led to a meeting with four men from Birmingham who had been looking for a voice to add to their music, resulting in the formation of Electribe 101.
  11. ""'Deadline for My Memories " "'is the debut solo album by the former lead singer of Electribe 101, Billie Ray Martin.
  12. Electribe 101 were then selected as the supporting act for the European leg of Depeche Mode s'World Violation'tour, including several nights at both the Birmingham NEC and Wembley Arena.
  13. Electribe 101's third single was entitled'You re Walking'and reached No . 50 on the UK charts, prior to the release of their debut album'Electribal Memories '.
  14. He would feature up-and-coming Billie Ray Martin as vocalist on " Hey Music Lover ", giving her early exposure before her band, Electribe 101, released its debut album.
  15. Not wanting to continue under the name Electribe 101 without Martin, who decided to embark on a solo career, the band renamed itself "'the Groove Corporation "'and signed with the Network Records subsidiary label Six6.
  16. Electribe 101's first single with Phonogram was " Tell Me When The Fever Ended " released in November 1989, reaching No . 32 on the UK charts, and No . 23 on the Billboard Dance charts . " Talking With Myself " was re-released in February 1990 with a Frankie Knuckles mix and became a hit reaching No . 23 in the UK and No . 8 on the Billboard Dance charts.

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