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  1. The beauty of the flat tax is its simplicity and efficiency.
  2. Quarterback Damon Huard is eighth in the conference in passing efficiency.
  3. As benefits go, the series is the picture of efficiency.
  4. They promote it for business, with promises of greater efficiency.
  5. What efficiency is involved in emphasizing instant sales over profitable sales?
  6. It's difficult to find efficiency in a sentence.
  7. Q : Does being married make for greater efficiency in futurizing?
  8. This, in turn, would yield tremendous efficiencies and savings.
  9. Heavy materials also boost vehicle weight, which reduces fuel efficiency.
  10. For maximum efficiency, match the size to the room size.
  11. The bank attributed its profits to rising revenues and greater efficiency.
  12. There is nothing inherently wrong with demanding high productivity and efficiency.
  13. It mass-produced the middle-class with stunning efficiency.
  14. SFFed is mediocre at best in terms of profitability and efficiency.
  15. The Fed supports bank mergers as the path to more efficiency.
  16. _Their reading efficiency was applicable to a variety of materials.
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