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  1. The appropriate two-band effective Hamiltonian is
  2. The dynamics of an atom above the atomic mirror is controlled by the effective Hamiltonian,
  3. The Hamiltonian for a linear chain of finite length is an example of an effective Hamiltonian.
  4. In a formal way it is possible to define an effective Hamiltonian that gives exactly the low-lying energy states and wavefunctions.
  5. These methods do not share the shortcomings of the previously used "'Effective Hamiltonian formalisms "'applied to cases warranting a multireference description.
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  7. If we find a transformation U _ { a'a } that puts the effective hamiltonian in flavor basis ( " h " eff ) " ab " in the diagonal form
  8. As a result, one obtains in the rotated basis an effective Hamiltonian matrix eigenvalue problem in which the dependence on cutoff \ Lambda may manifest itself only in the explicit dependence of matrix elements of the new H _ { \ rm eff }.
  9. From a general model-independent point of view, neutrinos oscillate because the effective hamiltonian describing their propagation is not diagonal in flavor space and has a non-degenerate spectrum, in other words, the eigenstates of the hamiltonian are linear superpositions of the flavor eigenstates of the weak interaction and there are at least two different eigenvalues.
  10. The two features of similarity that ( 1 ) the \ Lambda-dependence becomes explicit before one tackles the problem of solving the eigenvalue problem for H _ { \ rm eff } and ( 2 ) the effective Hamiltonian with small energy bandwidth may not depend on the eigenvalues one tries to find, allow one to discover in advance the required counterterms to the diverging cutoff dependence.

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