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  1. The "'Effective Group Decision-Making Theory "'is one of several theories of intercultural communication.
  2. But it was this cohesive, deadly effective group that made October all its own.
  3. He said the most effective groups have people with a wide range of styles.
  4. This cool feature allows easier and effective group battle formation.
  5. "So many of these very effective groups cannot and will not segment their practice that way, " he said.
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  7. To respond effectively to the kind of emotional challenges they confront on a daily basis, the most effective groups:
  8. When he is one of the six in the backline rotation, it's a far more formidable, complete, effective group.
  9. Just as importantly for any effective group, the retirees are some of the most adept at finding common ground.
  10. Note the ( highly notional ) effective group disturbance emitter moves slower, at 3 " v " / 4.
  11. One of the most effective groups has been the National Federation of Independent Business, which represents 607, 000 small-business owners.
  12. The purpose of these changes is to create a well-defined and effective group structure that can make and implement decisions quickly,
  13. The effective group speed | \ boldsymbol { v } _ g | is different from the group speed c _ g.
  14. One of the most effective groups in early practices appears to be the wide receivers, also one of the deepest positions on the team.
  15. Schuerholz said, " is to deal with the changes that come to a roster every year and assimilate an effective group of guys every year.
  16. "But I'm relying on the prosecutors at this point to be the most effective group of people to put a stop to this problem ."
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