edy in a sentence

"edy" in Chinese  
  1. As for texture, Godiva is much like Edy's.
  2. Edy Indrajaya, one of the plaintiffs, told the court.
  3. However, the chapter gave no further details, Edy said.
  4. About 2.7 million Edy cards are currently in circulation.
  5. Meyer was married three times, including to actress Edy Williams.
  6. It's difficult to find edy in a sentence.
  7. The whole family is at the hospital to check on Edy.
  8. Edy Ganem is lacking in content and has been tagged with.
  9. So before the recording, he teach Edy basic drumming technics.
  10. There's nothing polit ical to gain from their trag edy.
  11. Anna calls the ambulance and Edy is rushed off to the hospital.
  12. It stars Rod Taylor, Keith Michell and Edy Vessel.
  13. Edy Suandi Hamid also play active role in various organizations.
  14. She is the daughter of Edy Velander and Maj Halle.
  15. Edy's Ice Cream is raising prices in a backdoor fashion again.
  16. Champy Halim and Edy Kusdaryanto, Indonesia, def.
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