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  1. Kazakstan won bronze, edging out Uzbekistan by less than half a point.
  2. Corser edged out the Honda of New Zealander Aaron Slight for pole
  3. Security was intense and terrorism edged out trade as the hot topic.
  4. Belarus edged out Norway for third place, 52 seconds behind the winner.
  5. Centers Michael Cheever and Frank Garcia were edged out by Steve Everitt.
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  7. The Americans edged out Spain for bronze with 96 . 750 points.
  8. Advances edged out declines 611 to 424, while 168 issues were unchanged.
  9. Gainers edged out losers 43 to 38, with 400 issues remaining unchanged.
  10. Duncan should probably have edged out Malone for the award in 1999.
  11. Decliners edged out advancers 677 to 658, while 151 issues closed unchanged.
  12. Decliners edged out gainers 689 to 645, while 154 issues closed unchanged.
  13. The Rollcentre squad edged out Balfe for the championship that year.
  14. Declining issues edged out advancers 538 to 419, with 184 unchanged.
  15. He said he had lost some of his edge out west.
  16. Declines edged out gains 49 to 47, with 37 issues unchanged.
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