edge out of in a sentence

"edge out of" in Chinese  
  1. Cayton was edged out of Tyson's affairs when that contract expired.
  2. Some may begin to feel edged out of a changing financial playing field.
  3. He's been edged out of a major primary by a professional television personality.
  4. Therefore, he was edged out of the party and founded the MCC in 1998.
  5. Some will jump into the world market; others will be edged out of it.
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  7. Though crippled by sanctions, Iraq is starting to edge out of its international isolation.
  8. Strictly in terms of numbers, women have been edged out of the market for bribes.
  9. "" Art is at its cutting edge out of a specific lineage-the creation of reality.
  10. When Romney took over the scandal-plagued Olympics, he edged out of the bubble a bit.
  11. Unfortunately Western were edged out of the title despite Maciel s conversion on his shot.
  12. Westphal was edged out of the MVP award by Julius Erving of the losing East.
  13. Yet the two have made an effort to take the nasty edge out of their relationship.
  14. It has a half-game lead over second-place Seibu, which it edged out of the top spot.
  15. Carlos D韆z was edged out of the election race by Senators Roberto Arango and Kimmey Raschke.
  16. Bre-X executives say they're happy, since they might have been edged out of the deal entirely.
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